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PASS PLUS-Post Test Training

Passing your driving test is your first step towards Safe Driving for Life. The learning does not stop here.

Pass plus is a course specifically aimed at newly qualified drivers. It is highly recommended that you have some driving experience after passing your test before starting pass plus.It is not essential.

What is Pass Plus ?

It is a road safety initiative aimed at improving the skills of the novice driver. One in five newly qualified drivers will have an accident within the first 6 months of passing their driving test. This is where Pass Plus comes in.

What does Pass Plus include ?

There are 6 modules to complete with many new skills that can be learnt. the aim is to develop youe new skills and take them to a more advanced level.The modules cover rural roads, urban roads(including city centre driving), night driving, all weather driving, dual carriageways and motorways.

Do I need to take another test ?

There is no test at the end . All the training is assessment based and it is a minimum of 6 hours .

What will I get from Pass Plus?

you will gain experience of road and traffic conditions which you may not have been exposes to whilst planning for your driving test. We will adopt a drive that is safe and systematic, looking at advanced driving techniques. you may receive a discount from your car insurance company.

If you don't want to do Pass Plus , I can do just motorway lessons or lessons in the dark .


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